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commercial locksmith in nashville
As an experienced locksmith company in Nashville, we can help you to improve the security of your facility. We offer a complete set of locksmith services to commercial clients including installation, repair, and replacement of locks. Whether you are an owner of a retail shop or a school, we can help you devise the best possible lock system to meet your requirements.

We work with businesses of different types and sizes. Our commercial services include providing locks and security solutions for offices, residential units, retail premises, municipal buildings, commercial spaces, yards, garages, storage units, and more.

Our experts arrive in time and help with your locksmith needs based on the situation. The first step in our process involves assessing the situation carefully before making a decision. After a careful evaluation based on your needs and your budget, we tailor the best possible solution for your business.

Commercial Locksmith in Nashville, TN

615 Locksmith feels honored to offer an extensive range of quality locksmith services for commercial buildings. We are one of the top-rated locksmith companies in Tennessee and have partnered with many famous companies. We are considered the best lock security providers because of our consistent quality work. Our staff is trained to assist you in all types of lock replacements or lockout situations for your commercial buildings.

We make sure that your office has the security it deserves. We happily welcome any opportunity to serve your business. Hire our commercial locksmiths for your office and leave your office’s security in our hands. Give us a call at (615) 499 2920 and talk to us about your commercial locksmith needs.

Why Choose 615 Locksmith?

It’s something we’ve all done. When you close your car door or pull the door to your house shut, only to learn your keys are on the inside while you are on the outside. All that stands between you and your freedom in that frustrating moment is a lock, which you are unlikely to be able to open yourself. You will require the services of a professional if this occurs.

What if it’s late at night or on a weekend, though? Fortunately, 615 Locksmith is there to assist you. Here are some advantages of hiring a 615 locksmith, as well as how they may assist you in an emergency lockout situation.

The convenience of 615 Locksmith is that we are, seven days a week. You never know when you’ll lock yourself out by accident. And, as with all accidents, it appears to occur at inconvenient times. Many other locksmiths will only come out during office hours or charge you three times as much if you call them after hours. 615 Locksmith is available to assist you at any time, including late at night.



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Other Services That We Provide


  • New lock installation
  • Lock and key repair and maintenance
  • Lock replacement or rekeying
  • Lockout service
  • Master key system
  • Business safe installation, repair, and unlocking
  • Digital lock installation and servicing
  • Keypad lock
  • kwikset lock
  • Schlage lock
  • Key replacement
  • Key remote
  • Key programming
  • Key duplicate
  • Keyless entry remote
  • Motorcycle key