Residential Locksmith 

If you live in any of the above-mentioned areas and you’re locked out of your house, don’t stress about it and think of a reliable locksmith in Antioch, Nashville or any area you live in. 615 Locksmith is your only choice when it comes to house lockout. Our sense of urgency and attention to detail makes us the best Locksmith in Nashville and surrounding areas.

For Emergency Locksmith service, call us at (615) 499 2920 at your convenience.

Our Residential Locksmith services cover a large range of services including but not limited to Lock Installation and Repair, Mailbox Installation, Key Cutting and Rekeying.

Residential Locksmith in Nashville, TN

We consider our homes as a place where we feel safe, secure, and at peace. When someone intrudes on our homes, they don’t just rob us of valuable possessions; they also take away the sense of security that feel in our home. When it comes to keeping you and your family safe at home; 615-Locksmith’s residential locksmiths are at your service.

Residential Locksmith in nashville tn

Lock Installation and Repair

If your deadbolt isn’t working right or you need to replace a mortise lock door knob, 615 Locksmith in Nashville is always available for help. We install and service different lock options from almost all the major manufacturers.
It is imperative to consider the security of your house regularly. It is highly crucial to ensure that all the locks in your house are functional and work properly. If your locks do not work properly, 615 Locksmith’s reliable experts can help. We can install the new locks or repair your existing locks to ensure the safety and security of you and your family.

Ignition Repair or Replacement in Nashville

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It is very common to face ignition problems in your car and such problems need immediate services. Sometimes your ignition switch doesn’t work properly or the car key does not fit the ignition switch. An ignition switch is a point where the key connects and powers different parts of the car and activates the engine. When Ignition cylinders become older, they wear out and turn into a true headache for the drivers. If you keep trying to make the car start when it has ignition issues, it will damage both, the switch and its key. The best option is to call an automotive locksmith expert for an emergency fix. 615 Locksmiths is a perfect match for your emergency automotive locksmith needs, be it the ignition repair or the replacement.

Key Cutting and Rekeying

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At 615 Locksmith, our skilled team has a great knowledge of cutting any type of keys as well as rekeying locks. We are considered as locks rekey specialists in Nashville and the surrounding areas in Tennessee.

When You Lose The Keys to Your House

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When you lose the keys to your house, it becomes necessary to get the locks changed or rekeyed so that you can sleep with a peace of mind about the security of your house. Rekeying locks is better than new lock installation because it costs lesser. So if you’re looking to get your locks rekeyed, call us now at (615) 499 2920

Shared Your Keys With Multiple People?

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If for some reason, you shared your keys with multiple people in the past, it is always recommended to get your locks rekeyed so you can avoid any risks associated.
If you provided your construction workers with the keys to your house, it is compulsory to get your locks rekeyed for the peace of your mind and heart.


Why Choose 615 Locksmith among Nashville Locksmiths?

It’s something we’ve all done. When you close your car door or pull the door to your house shut, only to learn your keys are on the inside while you are on the outside. All that stands between you and your freedom in that frustrating moment is a lock, which you are unlikely to be able to open yourself. You will require the services of a professional if this occurs.

What if it’s late at night or on a weekend, though? Fortunately, 615 Locksmith is there to assist you. Here are some advantages of hiring a 615 locksmith, as well as how they may assist you in an emergency lockout situation.

The convenience of 615 Locksmith is that we are, seven days a week. You never know when you’ll lock yourself out by accident. And, as with all accidents, it appears to occur at inconvenient times. Many other locksmiths will only come out during office hours or charge you three times as much if you call them after hours. 615 Locksmith is available to assist you at any time, including late at night.



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Other Services That We Provide


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  • Lock and key repair and maintenance
  • Lock replacement or rekeying
  • Lockout service
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  • Digital lock installation and servicing
  • Keypad lock
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  • Schlage lock
  • Key replacement
  • Key remote
  • Key programming
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